Central Heating Systems

We rely heavily on our Central Heating Systems during the winter months and having one installed professionally by a qualified Central Heating Engineer is essential to ensure you that you have a trouble free winter period. We also recommend that you make Boiler Servicing a priority to ensure your central heating is as Energy Efficient as possible.

At HDM Heating we offer an end-to-end Central Heating service. We have contracts with all major suppliers of central heating systems in the UK meaning we can offer a wide variety of central heating systems to suit all budgets and requirements.

New Central Heating Systems

If your current central heating system is over 10 years old you could be wasting money on your heating bills compared to newer efficient systems. By replacing your old central heating system with one of our new energy efficient systems you could cut up to 40% off your heating bills. Our Combi Boiler Installation service could help you save money.

As part of our Central Heating Service our Central Heating Engineers will review your current system and make recommendations based upon their findings, it may well be that you only require a new boiler which is considerably cheaper than replacing the whole of your current system.

A completely new central heating system upgrade is rare in modern houses, however if the property is being extended or on new builds we are only too happy to quote for a whole new central heating system for your property.

What type of Central Heating System do I need?

To guide you on which central heating system you need we have created a table that shows the property type and the system recommended:

Location & suitable boiler type

Flat or bungalow with no roof space Combi 
2 or more bathrooms System or Open vented
Low mains water pressure System or Open vented
Conventional boiler to high efficiency System, Open vented or Combi
Hot water on demand Combi or System boiler with a hot water cylinder
Loft conversion Combi

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