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Many people think that oil boilers are not going to be energy efficient and they are wrong! Combination or combi (shorthand) oil boilers are actually very energy efficient because they adopt new boiler technology. Combination boilers allow for greater control and lose less heat and are more efficient at heating your home and could save you money down the line. If you are concerned that oil is not a renewable resource you may choose another type of combi boiler that HDM provide and you can learn about all of them on our website. However this page will explain all about oil boilers and how they can heat your home efficiently and tell you all about them to see if it is the choice for you.

Diagram of combination boiler

HDM heating provide all types of boilers and we understand that certain facilities such as gas lines are not available in some areas; for example in the country side or other potential areas where there is no gas mains then you have an alternative option. Combination oil boilers are easy to fit and they don't take up much room, they are in fact energy efficient however HDM only recommend this option if mains gas is not available. That is because gas combination boilers are cheaper and has less carbon emissions, however if said facilities such as mains gas are not available then you have the oil boilers as a substitute. They still are energy efficient and far better than previously old technology boilers.

The reason why combination boilers are so efficient at saving energy is because you have ultimate control and only heats the water when it is needed rather than heating water that will lose heat eventually.

There are also other reasons why combination oil boilers are viable, combination boilers whether they are oil, gas or LPG are very small making them easy to fit almost anywhere in the home. Also as they heat the water on demand they don't need a tank to store the hot water in. Therefor it takes up a lot less space, normally you can just fit it to an existing system with a few modifications of course and you will be up and running in no time. However as said before if you have the gas mains facility HDM recommend it but the combi oil boiler is available if not and still does a fantastic job of heating your home and water supply cheaply and safely.

How does the oil boiler work internally

Most oil boilers use a fuel called kerosene or could be commonly called 28sec oil. The reason for kerosene is because it burns cleanly unlike other heavier fuels such as gas oil that doesn't burn so cleanly. As the amount of sulpher in the fuel has dropped some domestic suppliers have added some lubricants to make it easir to be pumbed to the boiler. This is sometimes not nessecarry as they have engineered pumps to work with low sulpher fuel but you can ask a HDM engineer for advice. So the real question will obvously come up "Is a combination oil boiler effective and still energy efficient at heating my home?" The answer is an emphatic yes as they are engineered to burn fuel properly and transfer heat on demand. Obvously gas is better on carbon emissions and can be cheaper but of couse that facility may not be available.

Pros and cons of an oil boiler

So finally to sum up everything we will show all the pros and cons of an oil boiler so you can decide if you want it. Also don't forget HDM offer free impartial advise when it comes to requesting a quote so you don't have to make up your mind on your own. Here are the pros points of an oil boiler:

  • Oil boilers are generally cheaper to run than LPG or electric boilers.
  • The technology inside oil boilers is proven and they are very reliable.
  • It burns the fuel cleanly and is a great solution for those in the countryside that care about the environment.

Here are some of the cons of an oil boiler:

  • Oil boilers are less energy efficient than a gas boiler.
  • Oil is generally more expensive than gas on the mains.
Oftec accreditation

HDM are fully accredited by Oftec who make sure that all our engineers of competent of fitting such appliances safely and efficiently. This ensures that you and your family are safe and you can rest assure that we will be around to help you as a financially stable company and expert engineers.

Please don't forget that you are not alone in this decision, HDM are always willing to help you at all turns in decisions around your home. Also you may wish to take a look at some alternative energy source to help heat and power your home; please feel free to take a look at our energy efficient section to learn more...

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