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Heat only boilers are can heat your home very efficiently. The heat only boiler uses a storage cistern with two feeds one for hot water and one for cold water. Then the water is pumped through the system to which will either be heated up or stored as hot water and then used as and when is needed. Also the hot water feed will be pumped around your home to keep it warm.

Heat only boilers are known as regular boilers because it is the conventional way of heating your home. However if you don't have the space for a cold and hot water feed then we recommend a system boiler which effectively does the same as a regular boiler but encompasses the cistern and more all in one rather than a separate unit making more space for you. Heat only boilers are good for larger homes or businesses. The reason being is because they don't rely on pressure and supplies consistent hot water throughout the premises.

Pros and Cons of Heat Only Boilers


  • Heat only boilers work even if mains pressure is low.
  • They provide hot water even if multiple facilities are using hot water.
  • Heat only boilers are simple in their design making it easy for maintenance.


  • Can have poor pressure flow for showers and also low pressure for hot water as well.
  • Space is needed for the feed tanks - one for hot water and the other for cold water.
  • There is heat loss because the hot water is stored and of course it will inevitably lose heat.


HDM recommend the heat only boiler for larger premises that have space. If however you don't want the space being taking up by the hot and cold water feeds and you still have a lot of facilities in your home that require hot water, then a system boiler is recommended.

There are three types of heat onlyboilers...

If you believe a heat only boiler will suit your needs then take a look even further and see which type of heat only boiler you require...

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