LPG Boilers

Diagram of combination boiler

LPG boilers are far more effective in burning their fuel cleanly, LPG is short for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and when this fuel is burnt it releases a lot less emissions than most believe. LPG is a little more expensive but is far more efficient than regular boilers and also emits much less carbon emissions.

LPG boilers are more efficient than regular gas boilers. It is basically a better way to transfer energy and do it more cleanly, so you know that HDM will provide you with the best quality products that are reliable and lower your carbon footprint.

We are Gas Safe Registered

Keep your family safe with HDM as you know all our engineers are Gas Safe registered. So if you have a gas appliance whether that is an LPG boiler or any gas appliance you know you are safe with and so are your loved ones or co-workers. Don't forget HDM offer free impartial advise and always are here to help.

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